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Easy Timber Frame Sizes

Standard Sizes

Easy Timber Frame comes in standard sizes and components as shown below. External panels have a 25mm locating lip at the base, giving a height from top of sole plate to underside of joist of 2375mm.  Head plates combine with head binders (wall plates) to spread most loads between studs and minimise the need for point load studs.  If you are ordering insulated Eco Panels, the tight fit factory installed insulation between studs can be removed to install extra studs if needed, although this will need you to trim the insulation to accommodate these.

Easy Timber Frame Wall Panel Sizes

Design Anything

Easy Timber Frame standard panels include Gable panels that can be made to fit with any standard wall panel width. Also, the standard 17.5, 22.5, 30, 35, 40 and 45 degree gable pitch can commence anywhere on the vertical axis (you must specify LH or RH as viewed from outside when ordering).   Purpose made ‘make-up’ elements are also available, including gables, at the same price as the next level up from the width, so virtually any structure can be designed – or adapted – to use the system. AND you can determine the price before you get committed to the project. 

FREE Order Check

If you provide fully dimensioned scale drawings with your order, we will check that the panels and other components that you have ordered are able to satisfy this. We will notify you of any apparent discrepancies within 48 hours and, if appropriate, make suggestions for your consideration. This FREE check is provided without responsibility or liability. It is up to whoever designed the structure to ensure that what is to supplied is correct. If we hear nothing from you within a further 48 hours your order will be processed as stipulated by you.

External Finishes

Easy Timber Frame makes choosing your external finish simple, since all external panels come with 25x38mm battens on the outside fixed through into each wall stud.  This provides solid fixing grounds for either wall ties for an external brick skin, or for external claddings, like cedar, larch, brick slips, tile & slate hanging, or render, together with the required width of ventilated wall cavity. 


Standard Heights

Easy Timber Frame panels and internal wall frames are all 2375mm high from top of sole plate. When the 38mm head binder is added this gives 2413mm.  Take away 12mm for a plasterboard ceiling and, if your ground floor surface is designed to be level with the top of your sole plate, you will have 2401mm high rooms.  Unless you put a sole plate on the upper floors, they have the same height if, as we suggest, you fix your panels and frames on top of the floor deck. Additional 38mm sole plates or head binders can be added if required, e.g. to allow for a thick ground floor screed to take underfloor heating.

Eaves & Roof Space

We suggest you repeat the joist frame proposals at eaves level. Using a 220 joist adds another 182mm height. If required, this can be partly / fully concealed by adjusting the depth of birds mouth cut on the common rafters for the roof. However, if the full joist frame with floor decking is fixed, then this:

  1. Creates a safe platform from on which to work while constructing the roof.
  2. Makes the whole of the roof space available for storage or some other use.
  3. Enables a further florr to be potentially added at some later date without greatly increased cost.

The costs of doing this at this stage are not very large and will be broadly recovered by minimisation of scaffolding.

We think it's a "No Brainer"

Wall Thicknesses

Panel Frame 125 (89mm stud) and Panel Frame 175 (140mm stud) are, as the name suggests, 125mm and 175mm thick made up as follows:-


Easy Timber Frame lets you keep overall wall thicknesses to the minimum.
Since the vertical battens create the necessary cavity behind the external cladding, your choice of cladding will determine how thick your external walls are. For example:-


As will be recognised, significant extra internal floor space can be obtained within any given external footprint by using a thinner wall – potentially between 15% and 20% extra living space.

Eco-Panel 125-70 and Eco-Panel 175-120 have 70 or 120mm rigid foam insulation fitted between the studs in the factory.  As noted above, this allows section access if needed and creates a 30mm - 19mm service zone for wiring, piping, etc. on the inside. It also avoids difficult on site cutting, danger of dust inhalation, and hazardous waste disposal problems.  140mm thick insulation can be fitted in the 140 frame, with extra battens added on site to create any service zones required if we are instructed to prepare the technical design. A bespoke price will then be given for this specification.   

Eco-Wrap 25 (150-70-25) and Eco-Wrap 175-120-25 have the external breather membrane replaced with 25mm rigid foam insulation on the outside of the OSB, increasing panel thickness to 150 & 20mm. Held in place by the battens, this virtually prevents cold bridging and significantly increasing insulation and SAP values.

Super Eco-wrap 125-70-50 Code 4, Eco-wrap 175-100-50 Code 4+ and Eco-Wrap 175-120-50 Code 5 have the external wrap increased to 50mm thickness for truly super performance, making the panels 175 & 225mm thick.

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